What sellers can expect

1. An owner will contact us and expresses their desire to have us come out to their respective property to visit and assess it.

2. Upon arriving at the property an assessment is done (questions asked and notes taken). We explain to the owner what we believe to be current market conditions with respect to their property and how it will affect their values.

3. A property valuation (single page broker opinion) will be performed on paper breaking down the details of value (acreage, improvements, mineral rights, etc.) sometimes on site but most of the time a week later. A recommended price will be submitted to the owner based on like sales and a cost approach. If the Seller so desires an appraisal can be performed by a licensed appraiser (not Coalson) at seller’s expense. This may give the Seller a better comfort level in pricing the property for sale.

4. Details of the listing will be discussed such as: Commission fee, length of the listing, marketing strategies, access to property and dwellings, and other possible details.

5. Upon an agreement of value and pricing between broker and owner a listing agreement will be drafted reflecting the details in number 4 above. Once executed by all parties the process begins on marketing the property to sell.

6. Marketing property is a team effort between the broker and the seller. Sellers need to supply if possible the following: Surveys, Schedule B of the title policy, detailed information on water well(s), oil and gas leases, information on existing grazing and hunting leases, information on a third party individual(s) or entity easements having access across or on the seller’s property, special photos (hunting or fishing), and / or any documentation and / or information that could be important or critical to the sale of the property. Sellers are recommended to keep their property maintained and cleaned up. The neater and cleaner the better. Neglected or disorderly properties “normally” illicit “lowball offers” or no offers.

7. The broker will decide where and when to advertise unless seller has a special request. If seller desires additional or different advertising, broker will discuss the costs associated with such advertising. If seller insists on ads broker feels will be unproductive then seller will reimburse broker at closing and funding or upon termination of the listing. Signs on the property are highly recommended in especially higher traffic areas.

8. Broker will cooperate with other participating brokers who represent buyer prospects.

9. Broker will market the property with effort, knowledge, and experience to the best of their ability.

10. Hopefully an offer will eventually culminate into a negotiated contract and closing.


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