Article published by Quarter Horse News and written by Jessica Harms

A great time to buy, a challenging time to sell. That’s what experts are saying about the real estate market. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t care to entertain the economic status. Whether relocating, downsizing or maybe just experiencing a change of heart, many are being forced to sell property. It may not be an ideal time to sell, but there are still ways squeeze extra dollars out of a property. For those on the buying end, the cards are in your favor, yet it’s important to know the laws when it comes time to close so there aren’t any surprises down the road.

Mac Coalson, Weatherford, Texas, is the senior broker of Coalson Real Estate, which specializes in selling farms and ranches. He knows Parker County and its surrounding areas like a cowboy does his best ranch horse, and he’s not afraid to spur a tough market. Coalson estimated property prices to be in a 20 percent decrease compared to 2007. Granted that’s in comparison to the 2007 peak, prior to the drop. The prices have since leveled off, but not seen any increase to speak of.

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Mac A. Coalson

Senior Real Estate Broker, Lic. # 126839

Mac A. Coalson has been selling Farms & Ranches for 54 years and in the ranching business for over 60 years.

Office: 940-682-7751
Cell: 817-925-3333

McAllen F. Coalson

Broker, Lic. # 362005

McAllen F. Coalson is the eldest son and is also licensed as a real estate broker in Texas. He is a born and raised Texan with interests in hunting and guns.

Office: 940-682-7751
Cell: 817-991-8300